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Student of RWTH Aachen University wins Data-Mining-Cup 2005

A student from our Data-Mining-Cup lab won the Data-Mining-Cup 2005. All other students from the lab are among the top twenty.

There is a message about this on the German IT Newsticker from heise. Further reaction from press:

This is the result, in total 147 students submitted solutions. (complete list is available as pdf from the Data Mining Cup website):

top twenty results of dmc 05

The Data Mining Cup web page can be found here.

Congratulations to the other teams, especially TH Karlsruhe.

Apart from our students' solutions, we also submitted two runs as "non-students" that did not enter the competition. These obtained the ranks 1 and 2 among the non-students.

results not in competition

Last year our students obtained ranks 1,3, and 5.

For more information on the methods used, feel free to contact me. This information will be available shortly on the web site of our Data-Mining-Lab.

We have a short press statement (in German) online.

Thomas Deselaers, Daniel Keysers
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