Data Mining Cup Lab

This lab will take place in summer semester 2006!



Title (deutsch) Praktikum "Data Mining Cup"
Title (English) Laboratory Course "Data Mining Cup"
Type Praktikum/Lab (P)
  • Informatik (D)/Hauptstudium/Praktische Informatik
  • Technik-Kommunikation (M.A.)/2. Hauptfach (Technisches Fach)/Grundlagen der Informatik/Hauptstudium/Wahlpflicht Informatik
Date and location by arrangement
Instructors Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing Hermann Ney, Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Deselaers
Chair Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6 (122010)
Organizer Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6
language german or english
  • High interest in data mining and pattern recognition. We require the willingness to treat a complex task widely autonomous.
  • Vordiplom/Bachelor
  • Knowledge in Pattern recognition and neural networks or artificial intelligence
  • Programming skills in c/c++ and UNIX are strongly recommended
Campus this lab in the campus system
number of participants max. 10
Further information

Since 2000 the Data-Mining-Cup is an annual event where students can compare their abilities in solving a real-life data mining task and win nice prices. (2005, 2004...)

Connecting to our successes in 2004 and 2005 we organize a lab aiming at participation in the data mining cup 2006.

The competition starts on April 12 and ends on May 31. In advance to the competition we will start with a rough introduction into the topic and some introductory assignments to get familiar to the tools and methods in data mining. The award ceremony will take place in Chemnitz from June 27 to 29 and in the last years the five best ranked students were invited.

It is scheduled to start with introduction and introductory assignments in March. The date will be published to participants in advance and there will be approximately weekly meetings to coordinate cooperation and knowledge exchange.

To get a certificate it is required to participate in the weekly meetings, to deal with the introductory tasks, and to create a solution for the task of the data mining cup 2006. We expect the participants to be highly motivated and work very autonomous. Furthermore we require that some basic data mining algorithms are self implemented.


Further inquiries: Thomas Deselaers, Lehrstuhl für Informatik VI, Tel. 80-21613.

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