RWTH Aachen University Students win Data Mining-Cup 2008

Aachen/Leipzig, June 4th 2008

On June 4, the award ceremony of the Data Mining Cup was held in Leipzig, Germany as part of the Data Mining Cup User Days 2008. The Data-Mining-Cup is a competition aimed at international students, which is taking place annually since eight years. The objective is to use data mining methods to analyse large amounts of data and learn correlations from it. Students from the a Data-Mining-Cup lab course held at the Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition group at RWTH Aachen University obtained the top eight ranks. Places nine and ten were obtained by students from University of Karlsruhe. A total of 618 participants from 164 universities from 42 countries submitted 212 solutions.

This year, the task was to create a data mining model which allows to predict how long participants of the South German Class Lottery (SKL) will participate to allow for optimal advertising.

The dataset of the data mining cup comes from a service provider to the state accredited lottery and consists of more than 200,000 customer records.

Contact: Thomas Deselaers, Arne Mauser

Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition
RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany