Data Mining Cup 2008

RWTH Aachen University dominates the Data Mining Cup.

A student from our Data-Mining-Cup lab won the Data-Mining-Cup 2008, places 2-8 also won by our Data Mining Cup Team

Top 10 of the results table

1Tobias Weyand RWTH Aachen
2Tobias Gass RWTH Aachen
3*Jan Hosang RWTH Aachen
3Jan-Thorsten Peter RWTH Aachen
4Patrick Doetsch RWTH Aachen
5Pavlo Golik RWTH Aachen
6Pascal Steingrube RWTH Aachen
7Christian Buck RWTH Aachen
8Johannes Laudenberg RWTH Aachen
9Fabian Keller Universitšt Karlsruhe
10Martin Hahn Universitšt Karlsruhe

* = this run was correctly submitted but was lost somewhere in the evaluation process, and thus it is rank 2.5

In total, 212 students submitted solutions. (Complete list of results: PDF)

The Data Mining Cup web page can be found here.

Results from other years

We also had very good results in other years. Click here to get come to our central Data Mining Cup Lab Site

We prepared a short press statement in english and german

Thomas Deselaers
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