ImageCLEF 2006 - Medical Automatic Annotation Task

The ImageCLEF 2006 Medical Automatic Annotation Task is part of the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF), a benchmarking event for multilingual information retrieval held annually since 2000. CLEF first began as a track in the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC,

Retrieval tasks

In ImageCLEFmed 2006, there are two medical image retrieval tasks. Both tasks will likely require the use of image retrieval techniques for best results. The automatic image annotation task will not contain any text as input for the task and is aimed at image analysis research groups. On request, we will try to make results of GIFT and FIRE available to participants without access to an own CBIR system. This page is concerned with the Medical Automatic Annotation Task

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Automatic image annotation

Automatic image annotation or image classification can be an important step when searching for images from a database. Base on the IRMA project a database of 10,000 fully classified radiographs taken randomly from medical routine is made available and can be used to train a classification system. 1,000 radiographis for which classification labels are not available to the participants have to be classified. The aim is to find out how well current techniques can identify image modality, body orientation, body region, and biological system examined based on the images. The results of the classification step can be used for multilingual image annotations as well as for DICOM header corrections.

Although only approx. 120 simple class numbers will be provided for ImageCLEFmed 2006. The images are annotated with complete IRMA code, a multi-axial code for image annotation. The code is currently available in English and German. For ImageCLEF 2007 it is planned to use the complete code and let the participants decide to what level of detail they can classify an image. It is planned to use the results of such automatic image annotation tasks for further, textual image retrieval tasks in the future.

Database & Download


The training data is available for download: It consists of two parts and one meta data part:

Test data

Now the test data is available for download.

The login information is available from Carol Peters after registration for CLEF/ImageCLEF 2006.

Submission of Results

Results have to be submitted by June 9, 2006.

The submission website is now online:
In case you experience problems with submission over this site, please contact me.
You have to specify the following information

Submission format

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments on these information, feel free to contact us:
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