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Welcome to the homepage of Thomas Deselaers.

Currently I am a research and teaching assistant and PhD-student at the Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition Group of the RWTH Aachen University.

The main research topics of the chair are

My personal research interests are content-based image retrieval, complex-scene recognition, image object recognition, and pattern recognition.
I am developer of the fire content-based image retrieval system.

More detailed information on the current topics in our computer vision and pattern recognition group is available here.

My Jabber-Id is, ICQ number is available only on request.

The fingerprint of my GnuPG-key is 1C7A 8ECC 282D 5621 882A E1CA FEEA C2DB C7BD A986

Tel.: +49 241 80 21613

Erdoes number: 5 - IEEE student member - Gesellschaft für Informatik student member - DAGM member - BMVA member

Brief CV

Thomas Deselaers received the Dipl. degree in computer science (with honors) in 2004 from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Since March 2004 he has been a Research Assistant and PhD student with the Department of Computer Science of the RWTH Aachen University, where he has been head of the image processing and understanding group at the Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition Chair since 2005. In 2002 he was a visiting student researcher at the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática at the Unversidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain and a research intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK in 2006. Thomas is vice chair of the IAPR technical committee 5 and Co-organizer of the ImageCLEF image retrieval evaluation. His research interests are object classification and detection in complex scenes, content-based image retrieval, and pattern recognition.


2008-03-08 Our Video Zooming paper was accepted at CVPR 2008

2008-02-21 The students of our price-winning DMClab 2007 have authored an article for the Informatik Spektrum under Arne's and my supervision, which was now accepted and is gone into production.

2007-09-27 Call for Papers: Special Issue on Medical Image Annotation in Pattern Recognition Letters

2007-09-25 ImageCLEF has a new home.

2007-08-31 Our paper on Speech Recognition Techniques for a Sign Language Recognition System received the ISCA Award for the best student paper of Interspeech 2007.

2007-07-22 Some more press reactions to the data mining cup: European Marketingportal and OneToOne

2007-07-06 The Handelsblatt, a german newspaper with a focus on business has written an article about our success in the data mining cup.

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