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Creating a scientific LaTeX poster with the beamerposter package

The LaTeX beamerposter package was created by Philippe Dreuw and Thomas Deselaers. It is an extension of the LaTeX beamer and the a0poster classes in order to create LaTeX posters, e.g. a DIN-A0 size LaTeX poster in landscape or portrait orientation. Furthermore it is possible to scale the poster fonts to your needs.

The package allows you to benefit from the nice color box handling and alignment in the beamer class (e.g. with rounded corners and shadows) in order to create quite fast pretty conference posters.


LaTeX requirements:

The beamerposter package is available from CTAN and from my webpage.

We received so many congratulations and also interesting questions about the beamerposter package that I created a beamerposter googlegroup. Feel free to post your questions, source files, templates, or new style files there.
PLEASE: If you have any beamerposter related question, post it there so that I don't need to answer the same question twice
Google Groups
LaTeX beamerposter
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Below you will find new releases, beamerposter LaTeX template examples, you can download style files with corresponding source files, and a FAQ section with user questions.

LaTeX beamerposter - Releases / ChangeLog
LaTeX beamerposter - Example

  \documentclass[final]{beamer} % beamer 3.10: do NOT use option hyperref={pdfpagelabels=false} !
  %\documentclass[final,hyperref={pdfpagelabels=false}]{beamer} % beamer 3.07: get rid of beamer warnings
  \mode<presentation> {  %% check for examples
    \usetheme{Berlin}    %% you should define your own theme e.g. for big headlines using your own logos 
  \usepackage{amsmath,amsthm, amssymb, latexsym}
  %\usepackage{times}\usefonttheme{professionalfonts}  % times is obsolete
  \usepackage[orientation=portrait,size=a0,scale=1.4,debug]{beamerposter}                       % e.g. for DIN-A0 poster
  %\usepackage[orientation=portrait,size=a1,scale=1.4,grid,debug]{beamerposter}                  % e.g. for DIN-A1 poster, with optional grid and debug output
  %\usepackage[size=custom,width=200,height=120,scale=2,debug]{beamerposter}                     % e.g. for custom size poster
  %\usepackage[orientation=portrait,size=a0,scale=1.0,printer=rwth-glossy-uv.df]{beamerposter}   % e.g. for DIN-A0 poster with rwth-glossy-uv printer check
  % ...
  \title[Fancy Posters]{Making Really Fancy Posters with \LaTeX}
  \author[Dreuw \& Deselaers]{Philippe Dreuw and Thomas Deselaers}
  \institute[RWTH Aachen University]{Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition,RWTH Aachen University}
  \date{Jul. 31th, 2007}
    \begin{block}{\large Fontsizes}
      {\tiny tiny}\par
      {\scriptsize scriptsize}\par
      {\footnotesize footnotesize}\par
      {\normalsize normalsize}\par
      {\large large}\par
      {\Large Large}\par
      {\LARGE LARGE}\par
      {\veryHuge veryHuge}\par
      {\VeryHuge VeryHuge}\par
      {\VERYHuge VERYHuge}\par
LaTeX beamerposter - Download - Templates - Themes

Download an example as beamerposter-example.pdf from our webserver.

Download a complete zip archives or
which contain the example pdf with the corresponding theme and all necessary files (note: the included beamerposter.sty itself might be deprecated!).

Download the latest beamerposter.sty from our webserver.

BMVC 2009 Poster
Download all LaTeX source files of my BMVC 2009 Poster as an example for a DIN-A0 poster in potrait orientation.
Maybe you are interested in the corresponding paper too?

Interspeech 2007 Poster
Download the LaTeX source file of my Interspeech 2007 poster as an example for a custom size poster 200cm x 120cm in landscape orientation.
Maybe you are interested in the corresponding paper too?

LREC 2008 Poster
Download the LaTeX source file of my LREC 2008 poster as an example for a custom size poster 150cm x 90cm in portrait orientation.
You can also download the new Icy-beamertheme style file.
LaTeX beamerposter - Styles
Style Example beamerthemeAachen.sty | example-style-I6ac.tex
Style Example beamerthemeI6pd.sty | example-style-I6pd.tex
Style Example beamerthemeI6pd2.sty | example-style-I6pd2.tex
Style Example Huge math font example using beamerthemeI6pd2.sty
Style Example beamerthemeI6dv.sty | example-style-I6dv.tex
Style Example beamerthemeI6td.sty | example-style-I6td.tex
LaTeX beamerposter - FAQ
LaTeX - Misc

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