Welcome to Stephan Kanthak's homepage. This page is meant to inform you about me, my projects, friends and things around the Web.

Diploma thesis

The topic of my diploma thesis is "Methods for signal processing in automatic speech recognition of telephone speech".


When Chris Carollo and Tray Harrison started their work on Quest they did not imagine of ever seeing it on a UNIX workstation, I guess. Main development of this amazing Quake level editor has been performed under DOS. The port to Linux was done by me in summer 1997.


Mikmod is a MOD player library. It has been ported to many UN*X platforms and I manage the SGI port. Although version numbering is very confusing at the moment I believe that the current version is 3.0.2. If you are interested in an explanation of MOD or if you search for a precompiled SGI executable just follow the link.

Audio MPEG player/M56k

Kai Schütz (see below) and I work on an audio MPEG1 L1-L3 real-time decoder for the Motorola 56k DSP family of processors. L1 and L2 are already working perfectly, L3 is almost finished.


I am member of the KDE graphics designer team. This page contains prereleases of icons designed by me and other interesting things concerning KDE.

Here is a small collection of e-mail addresses and links to homepages of various friends.

Nils Haberland

Colin Hirsch

Johannes Overmann

Kai Schütz

Together we form one of the first Linux demo groups called ArtworX.

All artwork on my pages was done with GIMP. GIMP is a free photoshop clone that runs under UNIX and X-Windows. It has been especially designed to suit the needs of web designers.
I use XEmacs and vi for HTML programming. XEmacs offers syntax-highlighting and structured text formatting while vi combines masochistic brain-damaged usage with incredible short startup time.
The look-and-feel of my computer desktop is sponsored by the amazing Afterstep window manager. If you wish to have a look at my desktop configuration klick here (214K JPEG, 1152x864). The penguin in the middle of the screen has been "pixeled" by me in 1997. Please post me if you like it.

My place for private stuff. If you don't know me personally, this might be the only point in the world that informs you about me.

All my pages have been referenced times since its creation in 1996.
Stephan Kanthak