Benchmark Databases for Sign Language Recognition and Translation

Databases Overview  

Over the recent years we have worked with multiple databases for speech recognition. As we want to share our efforts, you can download these automatic sign language recognition databases used at our institute from our FTP server. Yet, there are several things to consider:

Database Language Continuity Recordings Frames Sentences Signs Running Words Utterances Speaker Resolution Size Website Download
RWTH German Fingerspelling German 35 1400 20 Visit n/a
RWTH-Phoenix-Weather German ~600k 5356 1225 45760 11 25.000 MB Visit Download
RWTH-BOSTON-10 English 10 20 n/a n/a
RWTH-BOSTON-50 English 50 3 295 MB Visit Download
RWTH-BOSTON-104 English 3 685 MB Visit Download
RWTH-BOSTON-400 English ~400 5 n/a n/a
RWTH-BOSTON-Hands English 20 n/a n/a
ARTIS Corpus English n/a n/a
Corpus NGT Visit n/a
BSL Corpus Project Visit n/a


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In short, this license allows you to:

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Please read up the license yourself if anything is unclear to you. Also, you may ask us for further information.