Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

The lecture gives an introduction to statistical pattern recognition, where neural networks and their relation to statistical classifiers will also be discussed.
Please note that the lecture will be given as a block course in the lecture free time after the winter term.
The corresponding exercises will take place in the summer term.

Dates/Rooms Start Instructor
V4 see campus site for exact dates/ seminar room of chair for computer science 6
24/02/2011 Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Ney
Ü2 Fr 10:00-11:30 / seminar room of chair for computer science 6 8/4/2011 Simon Wiesler, Patrick Lehnen


basic knowledge on probability calculus / statistics


The new exercise date is the old exercise date, Friday 10h.


  • basic statistics
  • training and learning
  • model-free approaches
  • neural networks and discriminative training
  • error integral: characteristics and estimates
  • mixture distributions and cluster analysis
  • EM-algorithm and hidden Markov models
  • feature extraction and linear mappings

Lecture Notes (Access only permitted within the RWTH domain)

  • Overview of i6: Research and Courses  
  • Lecture Notes (SS 05, English)    
  • Lecture Notes (SS 02, German)    
  • Ringvorlesung "Medizinische Bildverarbeitung" (WS 04/05, English) (Nearest Neighbour, Tangent Distance, Decision Trees, ...)    
  • Appendix: Support Vector Machines, Logistic Regression, and Log-linear Models (SS 07, English)  
  • Appendix: Maximum Entropy (WS 00/01, English)    




  • 1st Exercise Sheet (Submission: April, 15th 2011)  
  • 2nd Exercise Sheet (Submission: April, 29th 2011)  
  • 3rd Exercise Sheet (Submission: May, 6th 2011)  
  • 4th Exercise Sheet (Submission: May, 13th 2011)  
  • 5th Exercise Sheet (Submission: May, 20th 2011)  
  • 6th Exercise Sheet (Submission: June 3rd 2011)  
  • 7th Exercise Sheet (Submission: June 10th 2011)  
  • 8th Exercise Sheet (Submission: June 24th 2011, due to the Exkursionswoche)  
  • 9th Exercise Sheet (Submission: July 1st 2011)  
  • 10th Exercise Sheet (Submission: July 8th 2011)