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RWTH-BOSTON-104 Database

Our sign language database for continuous sign language recognition is freely available for download (ca. 700 MB, FTP server).

Note: the groundtruth annotations for nose tip, left and right hand for all 15k frames have been added

You can also browse the database or have a look at the readme file.

We have also further databases that can be used for gesture recognition or sign language recognition.

If you want to publish results achieved on this database, you should cite the following work:

The National Center for sign language and Gesture Resources of the Boston University published a database of ASL sentences. Although this database has not been produced primarily for image processing research, it consists of 201 annotated video streams of ASL sentences.

The signing is captured simultaneously by four standard stationary cameras where three of them are black/white and one is a color camera. Two black/white cameras, placed towards the signer's face, form a stereo pair and another camera is installed on the side of the signer. The color camera is placed between the stereo camera pair and is zoomed to capture only the face of the signer. The movies published on the internet are at 30 frames per second and the size of the frames is 312*242 pixels. We use the published video streams at the same frame rate but we use only the upper center part of size 195*165 pixels because parts of the bottom of the frames show some information about the frame and the left and right border of the frames are unused.

To create the RWTH-BOSTON-104 sign language database for ASL sentence recognition, we separated the video streams to training and test set which the training set consists of 161 sign language sentences and the test set includes 40 remaining sign language sentenses. You can download the sign language database containing the videos of the training and test set, the image frames of the movies, the lexica and language models, the tracked dominant hand information, and their annotation files from our FTP server.

RWTH-BOSTON-104 Female Signer RWTH-BOSTON-104 Male Signer RWTH-BOSTON-104 Female Signer

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