Natural Language Processing  

  • BootLog   bootstrap estimates for confidence intervals in ASR performance evaluation
  • FSA   finite-state automata
  • Sequitur G2P    a trainable Grapheme-to-Phoneme converter
  • mkcls    training of word classes
  • YASMET    Yet Another Small MaxEnt Toolkit
  • RWTH LM    a toolkit for feedforward and long short-term memory neural network language modeling
  • RETURNN    The RWTH Extensible Training framework for Universal Recurrent Neural Networks
Speech Recognition  

  • RASR    The RWTH Aachen University Speech Recognition System
  • TrainC    context-dependency transducer construction
Machine Translation  

  • GIZA++     word alignment for parallel data
  • EvalTrans    machine translation evaluation
  • Jane     statistical machine translation toolkit
Optical Character Recognition  

  • RWTH OCR     optical character recognition system
Face Recognition  

  • W2D    2 dimensional warping for face recognition
  • SURF-Face    matching for face recognition
Image Recognition  

  • W2D    2 dimensional warping for image recognition
  • Tangent Distance    tangent distance for image comparison
Signlaguage Recognition  

  • Databases    databases used for research and evaluation
Image Retrieval  

  • FIRE   flexible image retrieval engine


  • CacheManager     load balanced data distribution in cluster computer environments