Seminar "Selected Topics in Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition"

In the winter term 2011/12 the Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6 will host a seminar entitled "Selected Topics in Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition".

Prerequisites for participation in the seminar

Seminar format and important dates

The seminar generally takes place in block mode around the end of the lecture period. Specific dates will be arranged, these will most likely be around January 2012.

Note: failure to meet deadlines, absence without permission from compulsory sessions (presentations and preliminary meeting as announced by email to each participating student), or dropping out of the seminar after more than 3 weeks after the preliminary meeting/topic distribution results in the grade 5.0/not appeared.

Topics, relevant references and participants

Specific topics will be introduced at a preparatory meeting in the seminar room at the Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6.
In general, selected topics from the following general areas of Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition will be offered: Some possible topics, supervisors, and basic references:
  1. The IBM Translation Models (Middelburg; Supervisors: Christoph Schmidt)
  2. Discriminative Alignment for Machine Translation (NN; Supervisors: Christoph Schmidt)
  3. Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation (Stadler; Supervisor: Saab Mansour)
  4. Machine Translation Evaluation (Schmitz; Supervisor: Markus Freitag)
  5. Parameter Tuning for Statistical Machine Translation (NN; Supervisor: Markus Freitag)
  6. Deciphering Foreign Language (Schamper; Supervisor: Malte Nuhn)
  7. Factored Machine Translation (Prüne; Supervisor: Stephan Peitz)
  8. ADVANCED: Phrase Training in Statistical Machine Translation (NN; Supervisor: Jörn Wübker)
  9. ADVANCED: Discriminative Training for Machine Translation (NN; Supervisors: Jörn Wübker)
  10. ADVANCED: Reordering for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation (NN; Supervisors: Matthias Huck)
  11. ADVANCED: Hierarchical Phrase-Based Machine Translation (NN; Supervisors: Matthias Huck)
  12. ADVANCED: Syntax-Oriented Hierarchical Translation (NN; Supervisors: Stephan Peitz)

Guidelines for the article and presentation

The roughly 20-page article together with the slides (between 20 & 30) for the presentation should be prepared in LaTeX format. Presentations will consist of 45 minutes presentation time & 15 minutes discussion time. Document templates for both the article and the presentation slides are provided below along with links to LaTeX documentation available online. The article and the slides should be prepared in LaTeX format and submitted electronically in pdf format. Other formats will not be accepted.



Inquiries should be directed to the respective supervisors or to:

Dr. Ralf Schlüter
RWTH Aachen
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6
Ahornstr. 55
52056 Aachen

Raum 6125b
Telefon: 0241 / 80-21612